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Microdosing Institute

Video Course: Explore Microdosing

Video Course: Explore Microdosing

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Everything you need for a safe, effective, and transformative microdosing journey.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to microdose without risk
  • Which substances, dosages, and protocols are optimal
  • What to expect from microdosing
  • How to create a simple, supportive daily routine
  • How to get the most out of each microdosing cycle... and much more!

As microdosing grows in popularity, the amount of resources available can make the process feel overwhelming.


Register for lifelong access to EXPLORE MICRODOSING today

As the founders and community stewards at Microdosing Institute, we've curated all of the information you need before starting an intentional, optimized microdosing journey.

We are here to help you make the process safe, easy and fun!

In just 2.5 hours of easy to understand bite-sized videos, you'll be ready and confident to microdose safely, effectively, and optimally. 

We are honored to be your guides on this adventure,

Jakobien van der Weijden & Hein Pijnnaken


Watch this before you begin...


What makes this course unique?

100% Hands-On
This course is your roadmap, your guidebook and your support system for an effective microdosing journey. 

Learn From Pioneers
The team behind Microdosing Institute are Europe’s pioneers in microdosing education. We draw from 5 years of experience in coaching clients, community dialogue (10000+ members) and mentorship from researcher Dr. James Fadiman. 

Avoid Spending Too Much
This course equips you with all the decision making tools and guidance along your journey - so you avoid spending money on coaching plans, further education, unnecessary tools or substances that aren't right for you. 

In-Person Contact
Every month, our team facilitates a community gathering that will help you process the course material, share your experiences, and get all of your questions answered. Read below why our community members love these meetings. 

Avoid Overwhelm
You can go through the course at your own pace, completing the video lessons in a total of 2.5 hours. Bonus materials and resources such as guided exercises and templates ensure you get all the juice out of the course - and your microdosing cycles!

Lifelong Value
The (lifelong) value you’ll get from this course is many times higher than from microdosing without support. 

Made In Holland With 🧡
This course is a product made with love in the Netherlands, where psilocybin is legally available to all adults. We draw from decades of recreational and ceremonial use, best harm-reduction practices and open conversations about psychedelics-assisted healing. 


Your Investment

Your investment. Your one-time investment for lifelong access to this e-course and the Microdosing Institute community is € 97 ex. VAT
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What others have to say


There is a shift now from microdosing at random and with no direction to microdosing with support, community, and coaching. That's really different. I'm incredibly proud of this community. 

James Fadiman, PhD

Psychologist, Author, Psychedelic Researcher

Mentor and advisor to Microdosing Institute


Grateful for the amount of insight I gained. I learned how to get the best out of my microdosing experience, how to better set intentions, and I learned a lot about plant medicines.

Morgan, Canada


I switched my way of thinking to a more understanding and self-loving way.

Julia, Switzerland


Keep up your awesome work. I really believe in this. You both seem so grounded in this work.

Susan, USA


I'm less neurotic, more resilient. I laugh more and have a greater appreciation for life. 

Henk, Netherlands


I have really been enjoying the microdosing course and have really appreciated your approach, suggestions, etc.

Renske, Netherlands


What's more to know

No prior experience with psychedelics required. This course was created with first-time microdosers and those ready for a serious 8-10 week experiment in mind.

Learn how to use a new tool. Microdosing isn’t just a matter of trying something new. It’s a sophisticated tool. Cultivating a relationship with this tool is the only way to get the most you can out of it. 

Know and reduce risk. Microdosing can be transformative, though, there are cautionary aspects to consider, from the medications you’re on to finding a safe substance, and the dose that is 100% right for you.

Tap into collective wisdom. We interviewed leading scientists, psychedelic experts and therapists, in addition to thousands of microdosers, before we synthesized their knowledge into these best practices.

Trustworthy information. Sometimes it can be hard to seek out solid, trustworthy information about microdosing. As it grows in popularity, the amount of resources available might make the process feel overwhelming. We’ve simplified this by curating the information you need to consider before starting. 

Community support. Join us on a regular basis for a deep social integrative dive with an online community to make connections with your classmates, ask questions, and seek guidance. We call this process of group integration: Microdosing Tea Time. 

Student profile. You can take the course from anywhere in the world. We welcome students of 18 years and older.

Your investment. Your one-time investment for lifelong access to this e-course and the Microdosing Institute community is € 97 ex. VAT
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If these are some of your questions, this course is for you:

  • How do I get started with microdosing? 
  • How do I know how much to take? 
  • Which substance is best (for me)?
  • Is it safe to microdose while on antidepressants? 
  • Will I benefit more from microdosing than from a high dose?
  • How long should I microdose before I notice changes?
  • What if microdosing doesn’t work for me?


Your Investment

Your investment. Your one-time investment for lifelong access to this e-course and the Microdosing Institute community is € 97 ex. VAT
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At checkout you will be charged via your preferred payment method, and in your own currency. 

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